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Traveller Tracking

Locate, Communicate, Assist

In partnership with Amadeus Mobile Messenger, QA Travel can provide you with a fast efficient risk and incident management system in a single tool, with all you need to be able to identify and assist your travellers without delay.

Global incident monitoring is an important component of your strategy to ensure the safety and well-being of your travellers. While knowing what has happened is only the beginning of managing disruption you need to identify who is impacted and what the next logical steps are before you can provide the appropriate support. All of this needs to happen in the least amount of time possible. Amadeus Mobile Messenger helps to ensure you are always in complete control of the situation supporting your incident management process quickly and efficiently.

This innovative technology allows you to communicate with travellers at any time using either a smartphone app, SMS or by email. Feedback from any response can be used to update a traveller’s status on the tool’s map interface.

Real-time and automated, the system updates ensure users have the most current data to work with, which is critical for incident and risk management and helps our clients reinforce their risk management strategy and monitor the safety and well-being of traveller throughout their trip.

QA Traveller Tracker