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The new limits follow the resignation of the airport’s chief executive after a summer of flight disruption.

The airport, which is KLM’s hub, said it would need to lower the maximum number of locally departing passengers by an average 18%, or 9,250 a day. The restriction will not affect transfer passengers.

Schiphol, which made many staff redundant during the pandemic, is struggling to cope with renewed demand and said airport security companies would supply fewer security personnel than they previously indicated in the coming months.

“The effects of it will become visible over the next two weeks,” it said, adding: “Schiphol expects to apply limitations to the daily number of passengers at least until the end of the year.”

Hanne Buis, Royal Schiphol Group chief operating officer, called on security companies to offer “full-fledged schedules” for staff: "It is clear that structural improvements are needed,” he said. “This needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency."

A maximum of 67,500 locally departing travellers per day was planned for September, with an increase to 69,500 scheduled for October. The new maximum will be 54,500 per day in September and 57,000 per day in October.

Schiphol will discuss the new restrictions with airlines. It said: “Based on the capacity made available by Schiphol, the independent slot coordinator will consult with all airlines to achieve the necessary capacity reduction.”

The airport’s chief executive Dick Benschop resigned on Thursday, saying he did not want attention on him to become an obstacle for Schiphol.

Source: TTG Media