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The train operating company (TOC) have said that the state-of-the-art Hitachi trainsets will be introduced on the London Kings Cross to Leeds route from the 15th May.

At the present time LNER is not saying which services the Azuma trains will operate.

But when you consider that LNER runs London-Leeds trains every 30 mins it seems that, initially, the Azumas will only be operating a small proportion of the services.

Currently trains on this route take two hours and 15 mins to complete the trip with several en route stops.

Azumas are expected to operate Anglo-Scottish services in the following months.

When they do, the bi-mode Azuma trainsets will run on electric power to Edinburgh and Glasgow.

In due course it is hoped they will be able to reduce more of the London-Edinburgh timings to four hours.

When they are extended further to Inverness and Aberdeen they will use diesel power north of Edinburgh as the lines are not electrified.

Source Businesstraveller