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Fragoman and Nomadic the Visa specialists are hosting a webcast event providing insights for Posted Worker Compliance for Businesses.

Date: Wednesday 23rd June 2021 Time: 1400 - 1500

Event Overview

As business prepares to recover from border closures, and travel resumes, comprehensive oversight of business visits and cross-border moves within and into Europe is critical. Our discussion will focus on key considerations for EU-wide short-term travel, in particular, on posted worker compliance including:

  • 40eb6624-f1e6-4a5b-935b-b4ae95320ffb.pngWhat is a posted worker
  • 40eb6624-f1e6-4a5b-935b-b4ae95320ffb.pngWhy posted worker compliance is crucial for businesses operating in Europe
  • 40eb6624-f1e6-4a5b-935b-b4ae95320ffb.pngBarriers to posted worker compliance
  • 40eb6624-f1e6-4a5b-935b-b4ae95320ffb.pngHow companies are managing compliance in practice
  • 40eb6624-f1e6-4a5b-935b-b4ae95320ffb.pngKey elements for a posted worker compliance policy

In advance of the session, they request that you please complete this survey, it takes approx. 10min to complete and will better enable us to tailor the session and prepare for a fruitful discussion.