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Flights from the UK are likely to face more disruption on Friday with a planned strike by French air traffic controllers.

As well as flights between the two countries, French airspace is traversed by many short and long-haul services from the UK and schedules are likely to be affected. France’s aviation authority has already asked the country’s airlines to halve schedules on Friday.

Reuters said the dispute centred on pay and calls for more staff to be hired.

A separate dispute in Italy on Monday (19 September) could see flights similarly affected.

Flights from the London area are already facing intermittent disruption due to events related to the Queen’s funeral.

British Airways has been contacted for details of its plans for Friday’s industrial action.

Source: TTG Media

*Our team are locating affected passengers and will be in contact in due course to discuss alternatives. Where passenger contact details have been noted within reservations, the airlines may communicate directly with travellers and ask for the alternative flights to be accepted / rejected online via their ‘manage my booking’ options. As always, should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team.