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QA Travel is continually supporting our clients to fulfil their duty of care obligations throughout the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and we are working closely with local & global travel advisories to closely monitor the rapidly changing situation.

We have noted below current information but kindly note that this situation is fluid and frequent updates are expected. Live information for each country can be found by clicking on the following link:


With the exception of Angolan nationals or expatriates residing permanently in Angola, travellers who have visited China, South Korea, Iran, or Italy since December will not be allowed entry into Angola. All returning residents who have been to China, South Korea, Iran, or Italy will be placed in obligatory quarantine for 14 days upon arrival.


On 12th March, a 30 day suspension of all international flights from the UK (as well as the whole of Europe, the US, China, Japan, South Korea and Iran) to Argentina. This suspension is expected to come into force on 16th March. The government has also imposed a mandatory 14 day self-isolation period for anyone travelling to Argentina from any of the countries listed above, in order to limit the spread of the virus.


Temporary suspension of the Asan Visa (e-Visa) service starting from 13th March 2020 for 45 days.


Bangladeshi authorities have indicated passengers arriving from coronavirus (COVID-19) affected countries, including the UK, should complete Health Declaration Forms and Passenger Locator Forms provided by cabin crew. You may be subjected to additional health screening measures at the airport. Bangladesh authorities have notified the British High Commission that foreign nationals arriving in Bangladesh will be requested to self-quarantine if they have visited China, Iran, South Korea or Italy in the previous 14 days. Travellers from other COVID-19 affected countries may also be asked on arrival in Bangladesh to self-quarantine for 14 days.


The Bolivian Government has announced that all flights to and from Europe will be suspended from 00.00 hrs on Saturday 14th March due to concerns about the spread of Coronavirus.


People arriving from overseas into Beijing (from 11th March) and Guangdong province (from 13th March), irrespective of country of origin, must undertake 14 days of self-isolation at their place of residence or centralised quarantine.


On 12th March the Croatian government announced that it will introduce with immediate effect a compulsory 14 day period of self-isolation for all foreign nationals arriving from the United Kingdom and several other countries.


The administration in the north of Cyprus has introduced a temporary ban on British nationals entering the north of Cyprus from 12th March. This ban, aimed at preventing the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), does not apply to British nationals with residency status in the north of Cyprus.


On 12th March, the Czech government declared a 30-day State of Emergency in response. From midnight 13th March, (between Friday 13th March and Saturday 14th March), citizens from fifteen countries, including the UK, will not be permitted to enter the Czech Republic. Exceptions to this rule are UK citizens with permanent or temporary residency.


The Government of India has announced that it will suspend all existing visitor visas for India due to the ongoing outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19).

1. All existing visas, except diplomatic, official, UN/International Organizations, employment, project visas, stand suspended till 15th April 2020. This will come into effect from 1200 GMT on 13th March 2020 at the port of departure.

2. Visa free travel facility granted to OCI card holders is kept in abeyance till April 15th 2020. This will come into effect from 1200 GMT on 13th March 2020 at the port of departure.

3. Any foreign national who intends to travel to India for compelling reason may contact the nearest Indian Mission.

4. All incoming travelers, including Indians, arriving from or having visited China, Italy, Iran, Republic of Korea, France, Spain & Germany after 15th Feb, 2020 shall be quarantined for a minimum period of 14 days.

The above will come into effect from 1200 GMT on 13th March 2020 at the port of departure.

5. Incoming travelers, including Indian nationals, are advised to avoid non-essential travel and are informed that they can be quarantined for a minimum of 14 days on their arrival in India.

6. Indian nationals are strongly advised to avoid all non-essential travel abroad. On their return, they can be subjected to quarantine for a minimum of 14 days.

7. International traffic through land borders will be restricted to Designated check posts with robust screening facilities. These will be notified separately by M/o Home Affairs.

8. Provision for testing primarily for students/compassionate cases in Italy to be made and collection for samples to be organized accordingly. Those tested negative will be allowed to travel and will be quarantined on arrival in India for 14 days.


The Israeli authorities have announced that effective from 8pm on Thursday 12th March, visitors entering Israel from overseas will be subject to home quarantine measures for 14 days. Visitors who are subject to home-quarantine regulations must be able to do so in a private dwelling, not a hotel.


Visitors from high-risk areas are directed by the Kenyan authorities to self-quarantine for not less than 14 days. On arrival in Kenya you will be screened by health officials. If you show signs or symptoms of Coronavirus, you may be required to undergo further screening at the port of entry or at a local hospital. The Government has also, with immediate effect, banned all meetings, conferences and events of an international nature in Kenya.


The Kuwaiti authorities are no longer allowing non-Kuwaitis to enter Kuwait in The authorities have instructed that there will be no commercial flights out of, or into, Kuwait after midnight on 13 March until further notice.


On 12th March the Lebanese Directorate General for Civil Aviation (DGCA) issued a circular which advised the following, all airlines flying to Beirut Rafic Hariri Airport do not board passengers who have been in the UK, France, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Germany and Spain. This will affect those boarding direct flights from those countries, and those transiting through third countries to Lebanon.


It is currently not possible for British nationals to enter or exit Mongolia owing to coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions imposed by the Mongolian Government, including suspension of all flights until at least 28 March.


On 11th March 2020, the Ministry of Health of the Government of North Macedonia announced that visitors from the top 30 countries on the WHO list of countries affected by COVID-19 would be required to self-isolate for 14 days on arrival in country. This would affect any travellers from the United Kingdom to North Macedonia.


The government also announced a travel ban for all foreign nationals coming from countries reporting local transmissions of COVID-19 (This includes the UK).


The temporary suspension of flights and sea routes to the Kingdom from significantly affected countries. Restrictions have also been placed on some land border crossings. Entry restrictions apply to those who have travelled to certain countries within the last 14 days. Entry to the Kingdom of individuals with a tourist visa from significantly affected countries has also been temporarily suspended. The current suspensions and restrictions do not include travel from the UK.

In addition, it has been said that the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in London will not accept flight confirmation itineraries for visa applications with transit which includes the surrounding Gulf countries. Visa Applications should include an itinerary with direct flights into Saudi Arabia only.

Those who have recently travelled outside of the UK to Dubai, France and Germany must wait for 14 days after re-entry to the UK to apply for a visa.


The Government of Seychelles has announced that nobody (apart from returning residents) will be allowed to travel between Seychelles and China, South Korea, Italy or Iran. Airlines flying to Seychelles are instructed not to board any passengers or crew (apart from returning residents) who have been to China, South Korea, Italy or Iran in the last 14 days. No marine vessel will be allowed to enter Seychelles waters if any passenger on board has been to China, South Korea, Italy or Iran in the last 14 days.


From 13th March it will not be possible for most visiting British nationals to enter Slovakia owing to coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions imposed by the Slovak Government. British nationals with temporary or permanent residence are allowed to enter the country by land border, but will be required to self-isolate at home for 14 days. The international airports at Bratislava, Kosice and Poprad are closed from 13th March 2020.


From 15th March, travellers arriving from the UK and several other European countries will be subject to additional screening for COVID-19 on arrival at South Korean ports and airports. They will also be asked to report their health status to the authorities for 14 days after arrival. This reporting can be done via a special mobile app which can be downloaded at the airport, or by phone, which will require submitting a telephone number able to receive calls for 14 consecutive days. Immigration authorities will undertake a test call before travellers leave the airport. Travellers arriving with symptoms consistent with COVID-19 will be required to undergo testing at the airport, which will take 4-6 hours.


On 12th March, the government of Tunisia announced that it would instruct all those travelling from or via 21 countries, including the UK, to self-isolate for a period of 14 days upon arrival in Tunisia. The list of countries in full is – Austria, Australia, Bahrain, Belgium, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Iran, Japan, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, and USA.


Screening measures are in place at Entebbe International Airport and land border crossings. Additionally The Ministry of Health (MoH) in Uganda has placed restrictions on travellers from some Coronavirus (COVID-19) affected countries including the UK. The Ugandan authorities have asked that travellers (of any nationality) arriving from the following countries or those or who have visited these countries in the last 14 days to consider postponing all non-essential travel: UK plus Austria, Belgium China, France, Germany, Iran, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, San Marino, Spain, South Korea, Sweden and USA. Those who do travel and are showing symptoms of Coronavirus may be placed in quarantine in a government hospital for 14 days. Those not showing symptoms will be required to place themselves in self-isolation (at home or at your hotel at your own cost) for 14 days. It is possible that these restrictions will be extended to travellers arriving from other countries over the coming days or weeks.


Effective from 2nd February, the US Government will not permit entry to the USA of any foreign nationals who have visited China 14 days or less prior to their travel to the USA. On 29th February the US Government announced that it would not permit entry to the USA of any foreign nationals who have visited Iran 14 days or less prior to their travel to the USA. More information for travellers to the USA can be found on the US Centre for Disease Control (CDC) website, including information about cases in the United States.

Effective from midnight Friday 13th March, the US Government will not permit entry to the USA of any non-US nationals, including British nationals, who have visited (or are resident in) Schengen Area countries 14 days or less prior to their travel to the USA. The US Government has indicated that this is a temporary restriction that will last for 30 days. This restriction does not apply to travellers from the UK who have been continually present in the UK or the Republic of Ireland for at least 14 days prior to their travel to the USA. We understand the restriction does not apply to those with permanent residence (Green Card holders) in the US or to non-US national spouses of US nationals or permanent residents.


The Vietnamese Ministry of Public Security has stopped processing e-visa applications for people coming from or in transit through coronavirus hit areas. This is in addition to the suspension of Vietnam’s visa waiver programme for UK citizens from 12th March 2020. Anyone travelling ahead of that time should check with their airline in advance as a precaution.

The Vietnamese Embassy in London will cease processing visa applications with effect of 12th March 2020 until further notice. There is uncertainty around the replacement process and timeline for such applications.