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The latest wrangle in the dispute between British Airways and pilots’ union the British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA) could be resolved as early as this week after the airline decided to appeal against a High Court decision last week that BALPA’s strike ballot was fair and legal. After submissions to the High Court by both BA and BALPA it is expected a decision will be announced Wednesday 31st July.

The dispute flared up last week after BALPA said a strike ballot of members in BA over a pay dispute had closed with a 93% vote in favour of industrial action on a 90% turnout.

General secretary Brian Strutton said: “We have tried to resolve this matter through negotiation starting last November – it is BA who has regrettably chosen to drag this out into the summer months.

“BA is making massive profits as a result of the hard work and dedication of staff. Thankfully BA is no longer in a fight for survival so, like the airline’s senior managers and directors, pilots deserve a small fraction of that profit via, for instance, a profit share scheme.”

Source: Business Travel News