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Powered by technology

Technology powers QA Travel but the passion, quality and expertise of our staff are what drives us and differentiates us from our competitors. Through our partnership approach, the use of our smart technologies combined with our expertise ensures that, QA Travel delivers benefits through all areas of a client's business.

Benefits for your company

Company and management will benefit through cost reduction strategies, increased efficiency from smart choices and data hand off management, airline reward scheme management and access to online management data reporting

Benefits for travel bookers

Travel arrangers will benefit from dedicated account teams, total travel solutions, travel expertise, convenience, airline reward scheme management and bookings, and online booking through award winning technology and enhanced traveller tracking and security.

Benefits for travellers

Travellers will benefit from the use of our travel app which will deliver travel alerts, travel support, in-trip resources and emergency assistance.

At QA Travel, it is all about you and your needs. We will provide the technology, expertise, flexibility and human touch to make every journey as easy and cost efficient as possible.

That is our personal guarantee.